Saturday, December 7, 2013

My Return to the Land I love

I'm so excited to announce that I will once again be returning to minister to the land I love so deeply! I'm very grateful that you've tuned in to my blog to keep in touch along this journey. Throughout these pages I will be able to update you on life in China and what's going on through stories, testimonies, and pr-yer points. Be sure to email me so I can send you a notification that I've updated the blog. Thank you so much for everything you have sown in my life! I am beyond grateful for you!

Thinking about my upcoming trip (I leave in 9 weeks-February 11th!), I went through my f-cebook folders of my previous trip to China. I began to cry (happy tears) thinking about the opportunities I had, the people I met, the things I got to experience, the testimonies that came forth, the food I got to eat, the relationships that began, the hardships I encountered, and all the blessings I was able to experience. I love this land and these people so much. This is truly a G-d given love as I would never in and of myself be able to love another culture/people group/food/language without His help. My heart burns for them to know Jes-s and to encounter His love, presence, healing, and life. I want the Chinese to experience G-d and to be forever changed.

I'm brought to tears thinking of the kindness of G-d to choose me to minister to His beloved people. I'm forever grateful and humbled by the fact that He is willing to use me to further spread His name. G-d is worthy of everything we could ever give and more. So my heart's cry is "Here am I, send me." I'm excited for this new adventure to begin and for you to travel with me.

Here are some pictures from my last trip (clicking on the photos will enlarge them):

 (Tibetian village and baby)

(One of the Ancient gates to the city of Kunming)

(A gate to a park-Me, and two friends on our hike up the surrounding mountains of Kunming)

(Ancient gates of Kunming)

(A proud grandmother-the gates to a high school in Dali)

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